Monday, August 25, 2008

Bring out your dead!

I am, in fact, still alive. Recently I've had lots of things going on with my jobs that have kept me really busy. I haven't posted I graduated.

Things are going ok. I LOVE my teaching job still but I dread my phone job with every single cell in my body. It's really a nice set up, ok paywise for entry level, I work a pretty good (but super early) schedule, benefits, 401k, blah blah blah, But I feel stuck. When I get up to go to the job, I just want to contract a very serious disease that will incapacitate me for the day. So if anyone knows of a good job and/or someone with a very contageous but not too painfull disease, let me know. I think when I graduated I expected a great job to fall into my lap because I had worked so hard in school. There isn't really a need for linguists like there is for other things.

I really want to be an interpreter. But my spanish is WAAAAAAAAAAY not that good. But it's a good goal job. I've made some friends at work that gave me some advice, but for right now I just need to work on my language skills. I plan to sign up to be an interpreter with the school district, hopefully that will help.

Although I'm a little frustrated with the job, everything else is going great. I've decided I'm done with my little hiatus from church so I've been pretty diligent with that lately. I didn't know how much I missed it.'

In other news, I've decided that Efratos is just too funny. I need to keep some sort of log of all the things he says that makes me laugh
1. him: ok so....
me: ¿Queso?
him: no, gracias.

2. "You're so shiny!" -said when picking me up for a date

3. me: You know, I think you can do pretty much anything
him: (all hopefull, without missing a beat) You mean like Macgyver?

4. my mom and I: (laughing about something)
him: (starts laughing)
All three of us: (have a 15 minute laugh fest, after which nobody can breathe and our stomachs hurt, because we are laughing at the way the other two laugh.)

5. The sentence that made no sense - I don't remember exactly what it was, but it sounded like word salad, and was hilarious.

6. When he immitates Arnold Schwarzenegger's/Julio Iglesias/Chewbacca, or pretty much anyone else

7. The way he laughs when he *really* laughs. Sooooo cute.

That's all for now, I'm going to get to bed.