Tuesday, December 23, 2008

From Me to Three

Sooooooooooo as probably most of you know by now, I'm pregnant! I'm 5 months along, and we find out the gender of the baby in about a week and a half. We are SO excited. Although this has been kind of an emotional roller coaster I wouldn't trade any of it for anything. (this is, of course, with a few months of hindsight, my apologies to everyone who has talked to me up to now and found me more cranky than a piranha that just quit smoking.) And I want to take a moment in this season to thank all of the people who have helped me out.

My Parents- For coming up to see me when I found out, for making absolutely every possible thing they have available to me. The use of their incredibly gorgeous house, their huge tv (efrain especially enjoys that), helping me out with doctors, finding stuff for the wedding, and putting up with me when I was scared and nauseous and nervous, and sad, and...etc. Really I couldn't ask for more sweet and understanding people who love me no matter what and would do anything to help me. I hope I can continue to make you guys proud by being as good of a parent to my own kids as you are to me.

My Roomies- Helping me out and being friends I can confide in. Thanks for being so supportive in helping me to adjust to the idea of being a mommy. If it weren't for your constant efforts in the little day to day things I would be an absolute mess.

My Londolls- Roberta, for answering every little question I had, coming to visit me the day I found out before my family could get to me. Melissa, Bree, and Whitney for offering to help and just being interested and excited for me. I really thank all of you for being so openly accepting and I know you all are in my life for a reason. And I'm SO SUPER EXCITED for our juno themed hen party!!

My extended family- especially Kay and Katie and their families for helping me with the wedding, seriously, you guys are angels!! It is so nice to have someone I trust in charge of this important event. I'm glad I'm in such a generous and loving family. My Aunts and Uncles in St. George, thanks for sending your love and support, your letters, offers of so so so generous assistance, and good vibes this way. I'm really blessed to have all of you on my side. I really admire all of you and the awesome example you have shown me.

My new in-laws- If getting married is the only family I actually get to pick, I really couldn't have had better luck if I had won the lottery. Toni and Adriana for taking me to Mexico in a few weeks, wow, that is really a blessing to meet the rest of the clan! Ramon for being sooo nice to me in spite of my less than perfect Spanish and lame jokes. Diana for always always making me laugh and feel so welcome with her beautiful smile. My heart goes out to every one of you in gratitude of how not just welcoming but helpful and accepting you all are. As if it weren't enough that you gave me the most beautiful, intelligent, capable, charitable, christlike person in the entire world for a spouse, you have accepted and even loved the idea of this baby under less than ideal circumstances. I am SO thrilled to be a part of your family.

God- There is really no words to convey how grateful I am from the bottom of my heart for putting all these loving people in my path. For never EVER EVER leaving me. For sending love all the nights and days and afternoons and little moments of crazy sadness and loneliness and questions that have no answer. For the gift of this precious life that is healthy and growing. Thank you for my bishop, possibly a lost 13th disciple. He is truly a saint. I really feel that I am "the luckiest person in the world" as he said. I encourage you all, as has become my custom of being my own walking public service announcement, to talk to the people you need to talk to if there is something amiss in life. I promise there were no brow beatings or whips or signing over souls or anything. Many thanks as well to the people at LDS family services for all their legal and emotional advice for me. Also thanks to God for the preponderance of random people at grocery stores, restaurants, on the street, etc. that have come and said a kind word. I don't know if I just look really haggard or what but at least 4 random people have said exactly what I needed to hear at the moment just out of their own generosity towards a complete stranger. Thanks to the guy with the kind words and his little girl who gave me a hug that didn't even know me. And the lady in front of me at walmart who bought me a candy bar and her sweet spirit. And to Gretchen, who doesn't even know me but shows such generosity and charity with her notes and calls and visits. I can't think of anything that I need that at least 30 people wouldn't jump to help me with.

Efrain- I have never met anyone even remotely like you. Usually using so many superlatives in one discourse detracts from the meaning of the message but I could not have picked anyone better than you. I feel so lucky that you even talk to me. Thank you for dealing with all my hormones, helping me with everything I do without me asking you. For being the archetype of a perfect gentleman. Always opening doors, shoveling my walk everytime it snows, taking me to sappy movies, getting a radio for my car, letting me eat as much spicy food as I want, making me laugh all the time, bringing me a christmas tree, bringing me tylenol, kissing me and my belly, haha :D making sure I stay on the straight and narrow, taking me to the lake, introducing me to your friends, helping with wedding plans, making fires at the park, texting me random little sweet nothings, and generally making my life a heaven on earth. I really could not do this without your constant work and love and support. I am so glad to have you on my team, you are the love of my life, my helpmeet and my HERO!

Thanks to everyone and all the people I didn't mention, I just don't have enough time and this is hard enough for someone who now cries at every country song and SPCA commercial. (that puppy...*sob*... is all alone for *voice crack* christmas!)

Merry Christmas