Wednesday, May 20, 2009

my litte angel

This is: Gabriel James!


The Reward for 20 hours of labor and a c section:


The most precious kid on the face of the earth that smells soooooooooooo good!

We're still in the hospital, so this will have to be quick but everyone is doing great and we are loving life!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Baby News

Yay for being full term!

The Doc says I'm 2cm dialated, progressing nicely. My blood pressure has been creeping up the past 2 months though, so we are going to have a planned induction someime around the 18th or so. Next week is lots of doctors visits to try to determine what exactly is best, but that's the verdict for now. I'm slightly relieved that I won't be overdue, sitting around with a huge planet of a belly and swollen beyond recognition. And I'm also excited to hold my little guy in my arms insead of my abdomen. I had an ultrasound today and he is HUGE compared to the 1/2 way mark ultrasound we did. He's all crammed up in there, poor thing.

In other news, I have the best husband ever. He really makes my life a joy. This past week I have been under the weather and he has done everything humanly possible to make me feel better. It was more comfortable to sleep upright in a chair in our living room for a night or two and he slept on the floor next to me just to be close to me. awwww. He even missed ward ball to be with me, and is so understanding of my short commings in general, but especially when I don't feel my best.

I had a ward baby shower yesterday and saw lots of friends, they are sooo nice. I got a cool baby carying thingie that I have been wanting, as well as lots of diapers and clothes. This kid is going to be really spoiled, he's the first grandbaby on both sides and having a mom like this, he can't help but be adorable! haha

This is one of my recently found favorite songs- Bryan Adams songs just make you feel all gooey inside.