Monday, March 23, 2009

Sorry about that, Florida


We finnaly have internet at our house so I can catch up on some of the fun things we have been up to!

Fun thing #1: Honeymoon!
We went to Orlando for a week and saw some of the parks and the ocean (AWESOME). Hint for sandcastle making: Temples make the coolest sandcastles, and also are a missionary opp. We also got invited to a timeshare breakfast, which we ultimately didn't show up for. AND we got a ticket for being on the toll road with no cash. A 75 cent ticket and about 1000 pictures of shamu later....

Fun thing #2: Kitty!

The day we got back, we unpacked and went over to petsmart just to look at the animals there. The Humane Society was there and had a sweet sweet cat for us that we just had to take home. We named her duchess, but Efrain has taken to calling her "vieja". He's so good to her, he always feeds her, gives her medicine, cleans her litterbox, makes sure she is entertained, he's gonna make an amazing dad. She enjoys laser pens, string, and an empty bathtub.

Fun thing #3: Gabriel!

IT'S A BOY! Most people are already aware, but I haven't posted really anything about it. My due date is May 24, so I'm just entering month 8. Efrain really likes the name, and he is my little angel, so we picked Gabriel. Still debating between a few middle names though. I've already had an outpouring of help from everyone, and a HUGE thanks for that. Birdy pretty much set us up with everything from her cute little guy so we nearly have everything we need. And I'm super excited for my shower on Saturday!!! The Lamaze classes are also going very well, although dark room + massage + newlyweds = hoping the class ends a little early. :P

And now for pictures of him! These are from the begining of January.


this is his face...


and this is his hand!


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Wedding pics!

Hey yall!

I don't have internet at home yet, so this will be quick! Wedding pictures from my awesome cousin are up- they have a new website:

click on client proofing, then my name

the password is my married name!