Thursday, October 1, 2009


What with Facebook, blogs, twitter, text messages... it's so hard to keep up with them all!

This week Gabe started to roll over from back to front, which is harder for them I guess. It's so exciting to watch him grow and do new things. We had to spend a night in the hospital a few weeks ago because he had the flu and got pretty dehydrated. Guess how much less than 24 hours in the hospital cost? $5500. No joke. Thank goodness for my insurance that will help us cover most of that! That kid goes to the doctor more times than he sees his grandma! I should as them for one of those frequent customer cards, maybe we can get a 10th visit free.

Some baby terminology for those who don't have children yet:

1. Blowout, n. - When a poppy diaper extends up the back/legs of the onezie. "Your son has poop leaking all over, I think he had a blowout." (true story- the daycare lady at the gym said this exact sentence to me)

2. SuperNova, n. - When the baby burps and farts at the same time. "Hahaha, Baboon just had a super nova, I could feel it from both ends!"

3. 2 second warning, n. - The face Gabe makes when vomiting is believed to be imminent. "OH CRAP EFRAIN BRING A TOW- UUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH."

4. To Have a "BF", v. - Having a "Boy Fit". Uncosolable crying, may be paired with any of the above. "Sorry, can I call you back? Gabezilla is having a BF."

5. 239874326834709234348, number - Times Gabriel would like to be extended into the air with a wooshing sound, or number of silly faces Gabriel would like you to make for him.

Hope you are all doing well!