Tuesday, June 23, 2009


My little guy is over a month old now! Every time I turn around he gets bigger. I know people always say they grow up so fast, but geeeez! He already doesn't do some of the things he did before...balling up the fists by his head all the time, smacking his lips when he is finish eating... I just want to document this all for him and for me before it is lost forever!


this is pretty much the only way he'll stay asleep during the day. I don't mind too much :D

miss you grandma

This one is evidence of his goalkeeper/preacher move- when he's asleep he'll all of the sudden raise his hands up for a second like he is catching a goal in a soccer game or a preacher saying "hallelujah!" He also makes the most adorable lamb noise in his sleep that cracks us up.


aaaand 5 minutes later. Crying, but still cute.


His head is getting bigger, when we brought him home his little head kept flopping all over in uncomfortable looking positions, now it usually does ok.


We're going to bless him the first sunday in July!
We also nicknamed him "baboon" because of a rather large birthmark called a mongolian spot (they're purple). I'll let you guess where it is. This is going to be a GREAT story to tell his girlfriends later.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

And if feedings take 4 hours?

Doctor: This child is underweight. Make sure you feed him every two hours,

2:00am. Baby Awake in precry mode. Kicking and little frustrated dinosaur noises. Have no idea when last time I/husband/grandma has fed him.

2:02 Diaper Change (wet)

2:02 Baby pees on himself/new diaper/mommy/changing table/blanket/wall. Cloth used to catch in-between diaper changing pee is left completly dry. Diaper Change (wet)

2:10 Change clothes on baby (and mom). Cannot get flailing left arm through arm hole. Baby now in full cry mode.

2:20 Take one-armed wailing baby to chair. Begin to feed.

2:22 Baby asleep.

2:45 No headway on waking limp one armed baby, stand to take back to crib.

2:46 Baby wakes. In precry mode. Resume feeding

2:56 Stop to burp.

2:57 Projectile vomiting. Everything within a 2 foot radius of baby covered in spit up. Cat within 2 foot radius now unknown distance from baby.

2:57 One armed exorsist baby instantly asleep and limp

3:00 am. new burp rag, blanket. Wipe down furniture. Wipe down cat.

3:20 Change clothes. Decide to dress in sleeveless onzie. Baby precry mode

3:30 Begin Feeding.

4:00am Cessation of nursing due to biting. Have heard suspicious rumblings in southern parts.

4:05 Burping limp baby. More rumblings.

4:10 Diaper change (wet)

4:15 Diaper change (messy)

4:20 Diaper change (wet). Change clothes (see 2:02am)

4:25 Diaper change (messy)

4:30 Clean, fed baby yawns and stretches. Heart melts.