Wednesday, June 3, 2009

And if feedings take 4 hours?

Doctor: This child is underweight. Make sure you feed him every two hours,

2:00am. Baby Awake in precry mode. Kicking and little frustrated dinosaur noises. Have no idea when last time I/husband/grandma has fed him.

2:02 Diaper Change (wet)

2:02 Baby pees on himself/new diaper/mommy/changing table/blanket/wall. Cloth used to catch in-between diaper changing pee is left completly dry. Diaper Change (wet)

2:10 Change clothes on baby (and mom). Cannot get flailing left arm through arm hole. Baby now in full cry mode.

2:20 Take one-armed wailing baby to chair. Begin to feed.

2:22 Baby asleep.

2:45 No headway on waking limp one armed baby, stand to take back to crib.

2:46 Baby wakes. In precry mode. Resume feeding

2:56 Stop to burp.

2:57 Projectile vomiting. Everything within a 2 foot radius of baby covered in spit up. Cat within 2 foot radius now unknown distance from baby.

2:57 One armed exorsist baby instantly asleep and limp

3:00 am. new burp rag, blanket. Wipe down furniture. Wipe down cat.

3:20 Change clothes. Decide to dress in sleeveless onzie. Baby precry mode

3:30 Begin Feeding.

4:00am Cessation of nursing due to biting. Have heard suspicious rumblings in southern parts.

4:05 Burping limp baby. More rumblings.

4:10 Diaper change (wet)

4:15 Diaper change (messy)

4:20 Diaper change (wet). Change clothes (see 2:02am)

4:25 Diaper change (messy)

4:30 Clean, fed baby yawns and stretches. Heart melts.

4 insightful musings:

Bryan and Whitney said...

Oh my gosh, you made me go through all the emotions you must have been going through in warp speed. I laughed, said "Oh no!" several times, and died of the cute at the end. I'm loving these baby posts--keep it up!

amisare waswerebeen said...

I'm about to cry I am laughing so hard. I love you so much. Sorry I haven't called lately. I will try to soon. I hope the feeding is going better than it sounds, although it sure perked up my day. It amazes me that you can still crack me up even when you are half asleep and probably zombie-like. Love you.

Ryan ♥ Breelyn said...

Ha ha ha oh my gosh Roberta and I are laughing are heads off over this post! ha ha ha I love it! I know you're an amazing mother!

Alisha H. said...

Way to keep up with everything! Seems like you are doing a great job and facing all of the challenges that come your way. It sounds like you are staying busy. Enjoy every moment with your sweet adorable baby!!